So.Social: Social protocols for new generation of Web3 social networking

So.Social has released groundbreaking Web3 social protocols, designed to disrupt centralized Web2 social platforms, creating a new frontier for social interaction. The So.Social Protocols are a decentralized, modular, and human-centric approach to social activity.

Traditional Web2 social platforms are riddled with inherent contradictions, from privacy concerns to freedom of speech and content moderation issues. So.Social recognizes there problems and aims to empower users by turning social interactions into a public utility.

The So.Social Protocols map social interactions to a shared infrastructure, rather than individual social media platforms, unlocking a new era of transparency and self-governance.

The protocols have four main focuses:

  • Governance Protocols to Achieve Social Organization Sovereignty. By providing a more realistic and practical approach to DAO governance, So.Social ensures that users can define the rules and contracts governing their social interactions while adding transparency and trust.
  • Social Infrastructure Layer: So.Social decentralizes monolithic social platforms through the introduction of a new, modular social infrastructure layer that transforms social platforms into social scenario providers.
  • Social Consensus Mechanisms: Groups, communities, or societies have different ways of making collective decisions, including through voting, discussions, or negotiations. Social consensus mechanisms play a crucial role in ensuring that the decisions made reflect the will and interests of the majority while considering the perspectives and rights of minorities and are key to any organization.
  • Sovereign DAO: A Sovereign DAO represents an evolution of the traditional DAO, emphasizing a higher degree of self-governance, independence, and control over its operations and interactions with the external environment. In a traditional DAO, rules are enforced solely by smart contracts, but this approach is limited in terms of intelligence, flexibility, and time efficiency and cannot handle complex work. We enhance traditional DAOs with AI Agents, human touch, and DApp controls.
  • Associating Web3 Assets with Social Interactions: Unlike existing social protocols, So.Social establishes a tangible connection between digital assets and elements of social interaction, without the need to tokenize every element.
  • Universal Social Asset Protocols: So.Social’s protocols allow for cross-platform connectivity of social assets and social interactions such as posts, which ensures a consistent display and usage among all organizations using the protocol.
  • Protocols Governing Financial Transactions: A transparent governance structure guarantees open and verifiable financial transactions within a social organization

“So.Social is at the forefront of a new paradigm of social interactions and our social protocols empower users to shape each social interaction to their wishes, while at the same time being assured of transparency, fairness, and trust. We believe in a future that solves the social needs of all users,” explained Ian, So.Social Co-founder.

So.Social is pleased to invite all builders and users to come together and create a new social ecosystem. Learn more about So.Social at

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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