eBook Launch: Frontline Worker Skills Growth And The L&D Disconnect

Does Your Frontline Workforce Get The L&D They Need?

Despite the fact that frontline workers provide critical services and often serve as the public face of their companies, many of them feel left behind when it comes to professional growth. This eBook delves into why organizations may be missing the mark and what they can do better to ensure that frontline worker skills development is at the core of their L&D strategy.

eBook Release: Frontline Worker Skills Growth And The L&D Disconnect

eBook Release

Frontline Worker Skills Growth And The L&D Disconnect

Discover critical areas of focus for employers who want to engage, support, develop, and grow their frontline workforce.

The Link Between Frontline Worker Skills And Business Performance

Whether it’s handling a customer complaint or checking in a guest, frontline worker skills are the heart of every business operation. Thus, it’s critical for organizations to provide ongoing support, offer hands-on training to hone real-world performance, and give employees the opportunity to identify and bridge gaps as quickly as possible. Workers who have the skills they need are more likely to be satisfied on the job and stay with the company, meaning lower recruitment and onboarding costs. Likewise, clients and customers reap the rewards in the form of higher-quality services and products. All of this translates into a healthier bottom line for your business and an improved brand image.

About This eBook

How can you support your frontline workers and equip them with the skills and experience they need to achieve their goals? Here’s a brief glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide by Schoox And Lighthouse Research & Advisory:

  • Frontline Workers: The Backbone Of The Global Economy
  • Frontline Worker Development Isn’t Happening As It Should–Here’s Why
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Industry-Specific Highlights
  • Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Restaurant, And Hospitality Data
  • Developing A Competitive, Capable Frontline Workforce: The Path Forward

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