Spinning with Crypto: Safe Play Starts at Kiwislots

Crypto and by extension, crypto gambling, continues to slowly but surely enter the public domain. More people across the globe are starting to invest in the potential of blockchain, and have started testing out platforms that offer this kind of payment method.

At present, there seems to be an all or nothing approach to cryptocurrencies, meaning that some people will happily dive in head first and others stay as far away as possible. For the more cautious players, finding a trusted guide to help them on their way can be a great move.

Gambling and playing online slots with crypto requires a little more forethought and more emphasis on security. It’s unfortunately not so simple to find a safe and reputable casino that accepts many of the most mainstream coins. This is where the platform Kiwislots comes in. This site, which caters mainly to New Zealand gamblers, is illuminating the way for crypto slots players and aims to help them connect with sites that not only offers the best safety, but also beneficial free spins no deposit bonuses along the way.

Why all the emphasis on security? Read on to understand why Kiwislots have made it their mission to connect crypto gamblers with platforms that put the safety of players first.

Enhanced privacy

Using cryptocurrencies in online gambling can be a good idea for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps the most compelling reason relates to the fact that crypto transactions offer a whole lot more privacy for people.

What cryptocurrencies do really well is protect and encrypt personal data. In today’s times where almost everything is digital, from your banking to tracking your steps and eating habits, it really is essential to keep your info safe. The effects of a data leak are far-reaching and can impact those affected for months and even years to come.

Most of the time, the security measures that people take involve VPNs and privacy settings on their devices, but cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, go even further when it comes to online transactions as they offer complete anonymity. A traditional transaction requires users to submit or allow access to sensitive data, this makes way for hackers to potentially gain access to said data.

One should always stay abreast of topical information and be careful to only spend time on sites that prioritize privacy. But according to casino expert Erik King, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too with help from sites like Kiwislots, which rank only the most reputable gaming platforms by their bonuses. In an interview, King has previously stated that Kiwislots helps gamblers choose safe casino sites and apps that provide not only the games that they enjoy but also offer extra incentives to benefit a crypto player’s pockets.

Ensuring a worry-free experience

Beyond simply making sure players can keep their info safe, Kiwislots’ recommendations also help players in New Zealand and other locations ensure a stress-free experience in other ways.

They offer a curated casino selection by meticulously making sure that every casino they recommend is ready to handle modern security threats. If it’s on the list, players can rest assured that their data is locked away with encryption technology and every transaction is secure, whether it’s a crypto payment or a more traditional one.

High volatility

For better or worse, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and making transactions, even with sound know-how and plenty of research, can still be a gamble and sometimes based on pure luck. This is something all crypto players should know and one of the main reasons why Kiwislots can be a helpful site. By making sure the security of a platform is top-notch, players using crypto can instead focus more on other aspects of crypto gaming like volatility.

There are so many factors that influence the prices of coins. Supply and demand dynamics are at the forefront of these factors, and no one can really predict with absolute certainty whether Bitcoin will go up or down. Investor behavior also plays a pivotal role in shaping Bitcoin’s market value: this means that if so-called whales (people or companies that have a large amount of Bitcoin) were to divest a significant portion of their holdings, there would be a large available supply, which would in turn lead to a sharp decrease in bitcoin’s price. And the same applies the other way around.

Beyond long dormant Bitcoin accounts making sudden, unexpected moves, media coverage and regulatory news also strongly influence Bitcoin’s price. All these factors impact the value of cryptocurrencies, and thus the value of the money you have in your online casino wallet.

Uncertain Regulation and Legislation

Regulations and legislation pertaining to online gambling have made the entire scene even trickier to navigate. This is true for every single country in the world as the process really has been slow and many countries appear to have taken a “wait and see” approach. This lax strategy might have worked better before crypto casinos entered the fold, but now some believe real changes are becoming more necessary and countries like America are seeking regulatory clarity. The introduction of crypto in the gambling sphere has made the whole situation a lot more complex and is raising questions about existing gambling regulations too.

While there are departments that closely monitor online casino operators to make sure they stick to regulations, the new crypto landscape is a little blurred and many believe it’s not strict enough for online gambling. This lack of oversight means players would be wise to seek help finding highly-rated casino and slot sites. Even though crypto and gambling are two separate beasts, one is starting to affect the other as crypto casinos gain more mainstream attention.

While the industry worldwide waits for clearer regulations, seeking out recommendations from Kiwislots can help players feel more secure, knowing that the casinos listed put both their needs and safety first.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  

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