Solciety ICO Hits $775k: Is This the Next Politifi Meme Coin to 100X?

The buzz around Solciety, the hottest new PolitiFi meme coin, is rapidly gaining traction within the PolitiFi niche — and for a good reason. As it strides into week 4, comparisons to PolitiFi giants like Maga (TRUMP) and Jeo Boden (BODEN) are already swirling. Solciety’s message is striking a chord with meme coin enthusiasts, evidenced by its impressive $775k haul during its red-hot presale.

Positioned at the intersection of the ludicrous spectacle of the US presidential election and the booming Sol meme coin scene, Solciety combines political satire with the frenetic energy of the crypto world. This unique blend has the community eyeing it as a potential 100x breakout star.

With over 3 billion tokens available during the ICO, this new meme coin is stirring FOMO across the crypto landscape. Here’s why.

Solciety tipped to produce 100x growth as PolitiFi booms

The PolitiFi sector’s market capitalization has been massaging the $1 billion mark, which is pretty good for a sector that’s only about six months old. With elections for nearly half the global population across 64 countries, the inevitable fusion of political antics and crypto madness has arrived. The meme coin market, valued at over $40 billion at press time (and with recent highs of over $60 billion), is teeming with PolitiFi contenders, all aiming for the moon.

Consider Doland Tremp (TREMP), a meme coin featuring a hilariously crude caricature of POTUS #45, which has shot up by as much as +1200% since its March debut. Another star, MAGA (MAGA), has shown an incredible +200,000% rise from its all-time low to its all-time high. As the political landscape gets madder, degens are looking for the next thrilling investment, paving the way for Solciety’s grand entrance.

The Solciety revolution’s meme-making machine

Solciety is set to unite degens with its innovative ‘Meme Campaigner’ tool, enabling users to craft comedic memes featuring political figures like Donald Pump and Badamir Putin, which ensures the degen community will never run out of fresh, hilarious content to keep the Solciety buzz alive. The Meme Campaigner is a satirical powerhouse, allowing users to channel their inner propagandists and create memes that resonate with any political stance (or lack thereof). The memes that score the most likes on X will also earn SLCTY tokens, blending humor with big returns, and Solciety’s broad appeal can attract funds from anyone with a taste for satire.

Solciety capitalizes on the ultimate election cycle currency: hype. This unique approach is why experts see SLCTY as a strong contender for achieving 100x gains in 2024. Solciety offers 15 stages, with 3% gains with every stage increase. 

Ready for a moonshot?

If you’re looking to back the next big crypto sensation and chase potential 100x returns this year, Solciety is your ticket. 

You’re still early to the party, and by jumping into the hottest new meme coin presale in PolitiFi, you could see a 34.38% gain before the presale ends. And that’s just the beginning. Once Solciety hits the open market and the political drama between two old rivals intensifies, this political moon rocket could soon enter the stratosphere.

It’s time for degens to seize their chance to make jaw-dropping gains and laugh all the way to the bank with a top PolitiFi meme coin.

Find out more about the Solciety presale on the official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  

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