RFK Jr. super PAC says it raised $2M after VP announcement

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A super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential bid said it raised over $2 million following the candidate’s official announcement of his running mate.

American Values 2024, the main outside group supporting Kennedy’s White House bid, raked in $2.1 million at a fundraiser on Tuesday, right after the official announcement of tech attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan joining his 2024 ticket, PAC head Tony Lyons shared first with The Hill. 

Around 60 donors attended the outside group’s cocktail party, Lyons said. 

“They were clearly energized by RFK Jr’s VP pick Nicole Shanahan,” Lyons said in a statement to The Hill. “We raised $2,120,000, which proves that attendees see that Mr. Kennedy now has an increasingly clear path to the presidency.

“Many had said previously that they liked him and they trusted him but felt he couldn’t win,” Lyons continued. “With 70 percent of Americans wanting an option other than Biden and Trump, more and more voters are beginning to understand what Mr. Kennedy would do as president; they are listening to his ideas and his policies and they like what they hear.”

The fundraiser comes on the heels of the California-based entrepreneur’s formal induction to the independent candidate’s ticket. 

This is the second-highest amount American Values 2024 has raised at an event. In January, the outside group brought in $5.8 million during Kennedy’s 70th birthday celebration in West Hollywood, Lyons confirmed to The Hill. 

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After stating it would stop collecting signatures on the candidate’s behalf for ballot access, the super PAC said it will spend “at least” $10 million on ads, The Hill first reported two weeks ago. 

The group said it garnered enough signatures to get the independent candidate on the ballot in four states: Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and South Carolina.

American Values 2024 is open to spending up to $20 million on ads, depending on how much the group raises leading up to November.

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