Read Harder 2024 Halfway Check-In Survey

We’re almost at the end of June, which means we’re halfway through the 2024 Read Harder Challenge! Can you believe it? I thought this was a great time to check in: how much progress have you made so far? Which tasks are giving you trouble? How’s your reading year going in general? What’s your favorite book you’ve read for the challenge so far? I’ve put a bunch of these questions together in a Google form, and in two weeks, I’ll share my findings!

read harder 2024 check inread harder 2024 check in

Click through to take the survey! I can’t wait to hear what you all say, and I’m sure I’ll end up with a ton more books on my TBR. I’ll close the survey to responses in one week, and then I’ll crunch all that data and share my findings with you.

Feel free to also add your replies to the comments! We can swap recommendations there.

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