Meme coins replicate the level that was seen before: MAGA VP, DOGE, and WIF

There is an uptick of 22.46% in the trading volume of meme coins, and there is no sign of stopping the trend at any time. For one, the meme coin segment is driven by the possibility that it brings to the table. Second, the community is beginning to take note of how speculative and volatile they are in comparison to the big ones – BTC and ETH. The likes of DOGE, WIF, SOL, and MAGA VP are, therefore, emerging from the list to make the best of this opportunity.

The trading volume of the top meme coins was around $80 billion in the past week. What makes this interesting is the fact that a large number of meme coins are available for a fraction of a dollar. DOGE, for one, is listed at $0.1317, and MAGA VP is trading at $0.12. They are one of the best options, too, for they generate decent profits to help small investors get the thrill of crypto investments.

In addition to the microscopic prices of meme coins, the enthusiasm of the community keeps them going at every possible moment. WIF was recently seen as being strongly backed by the community. Members have run a public fundraising campaign for dogwifhat to make sure that the native token makes it to the Las Vegas Sphere.

However, what is taking the majority of the attention is MAGA VP. The token was launched only in recent times and has already banked a surge of 172% in the last 30 days. It was even seen registering a growth of 300% for a long time in April 2024. The Market Cap is at ~$5 million but is very well poised to surpass the earliest milestone of $250 million following $Trump token footprints.  

MAGA VP takes inspiration from MAGA TRUMP with an attempt to bolster community engagement – and help drive the token value based on that factor. An alternative aim is to revolutionize the segment of meme coins. The tokenomics of MVP is pretty interesting. It has allocated some portion to TRUMP token rewards. This comes to 1% against the backdrop of 0% transaction tax and 0.5% for marketing.

The PolitiFi meme coin is available on 11 CEX. This includes BitMart,, and LBank. The community plans to expand the listings to provide enhanced access to the user base. Moving forward, MAGA VP has committed to forging several strategic partnerships to strengthen the community and the foundation of the ecosystem.

The hype in the meme coin sphere extends to SOL as well. The token is testing the resistance at $142 with an increase of 12% in the last 24 hours. Analysts have set the next benchmark to $155 and $180 if Solana wishes to end this year above the $240 mark. These developments come to replicate the trend that was seen 2 years ago, a time when the crypto bubble burst was recorded.

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