Loving Your Teen Daughter Well

Author Kari Kampakis says teen girls have it tough. Every day is a renewed battle against anxiety, toxic friendships, cyberbullying and pressures associated with social media.

Which is why teen girls need strong women in their lives to protect, encourage, and guide them – to support them in confronting adversity, so they learn to handle life with confidence on their own.

That’s why Kara encourages mothers to be strong parents instead of “buddy parents.” Though your daughter won’t often show it, she cares deeply about your opinions. Your voice is like a megaphone, guiding her through the confusing maze that is her life.

Kari says, “God chose you to be your daughter’s mother. You can be confident that God will give you exactly what you need as a mom to help your daughter develop into the woman God is calling her to be.”

I talked with Kari on our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Loving Your Teen Daughter Well” about how mothers can nurture a thriving relationship with their daughters.

One of the most important first steps, she says, is to be available to your daughter as much as possible. Her emotions can be unpredictable, and she may not always talk when it’s most convenient for you. She may open up in the morning or later at night. Take advantage of her willingness to talk whenever she’s in the mood.

Equally important is to let her say what’s on her mind. If you finish her sentences or talk her out of her feelings, she may shut down emotionally or be less willing to open up the next time she’s struggling. Make eye contact, listen to her, and allow her to share without interruption.

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