Learn how Octoblock is able to generate USDC returns for presale participants

Octoblock is a prominent project in the DeFi space with a user-friendly and rewarding platform that also aids in community development. Octoblock’s strategy is based on Nautilus Trove, an innovative tool whose purpose is to generate revenue for the team and reward the presale participants with USDC returns.

ICO Staking for the USDC generation

Octoblock process of returning USDC to presale participants is built on the initial staking ICO which is rewarding to the investors. During the ICO period, staking is also done and investors are expected to buy OCTO tokens, which are immediately included in the staking process, so that capital can be actively utilized and yields can be realized from the ICO stage. 

This proactive approach builds confidence and trust among presale participants and also testifies to the transparency and commitment of the Octoblock to investor value. The Octoblock platform would credit OCTO tokens to the investor’s accounts every week, and the USDC distributions would be included in the weekly APY calculations. This creates a very attractive incentive structure that aligns with the Octoblock mission of establishing a robust and mutually beneficial ecosystem with its early supporters.

The Nautilus Trove: A Gateway to Profits and Impact

The Nautilus Trove is the source of all capital inflows into the Octoblock’s ecosystem, with the founding seed value provided by the contributors being the starting point. This capital is then tactically spread among various DeFi strategies and growth-oriented investments, establishing a balance between stability and growth.

Octoblock presale comes with a USDC return option, which is one of its main advantages. The Nautilus Trove, as the name suggests, is a treasure box that has been lying deep beneath the ocean for centuries, and a significant part of its profits is allocated to OCTO token holders through monthly USDC airdrops to the tune of 45%. This distribution channel not only encourages long-term involvement but also makes token holders and the platform’s success compatible with each other.

Unlike others, Octoblock uses the advanced technique of exact synchronization of airdrop time and recording of treasury asset/drop value to maintain fairness and avoid manipulation. This data is not published until a snapshot of token holders is created, which prevents the manipulation of the airdrop by participants to qualify with artificially inflated holdings.

At The End

To summarize, Octoblock’s revenue-sharing system supported by community engagement and social impact are impressive features that make it a good option for DeFi participants who want to earn money and be part of the crypto world. Octoblock has made it evident that it’s aiming to compensate those that were the first ones to believe in the project. This October, the Octoblock drops will take place after Phase 3 and will award USDC prizes and Tesla giveaway tickets to presale participants.

Join the presale here:

Buy OCTO: https://reef.octoblock.io/register

Website: https://octoblock.io/

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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