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Jason Smith, a middle school principal in Kentucky, met his daughter for the first time when she was in the sixth grade.

Her name was Raven. She’d been sent to Jason’s office after getting angry in the cafeteria and throwing food at a fellow student. When Jason sat Raven down, he asked her, “Would you act that way at a restaurant?” Her answer surprised him. She had never eaten in a restaurant, she said, because she’d spent her entire life in the foster care system.

That night, Jason told his wife, Marybeth, about Raven. She agreed that Raven had a chance to overcome her troubles if something could go in her favor. And so they adopted her. And what a difference it made! With Jason and Marybeth to guide her forward and offer stability, Raven went on to graduate from both high school and college.

Jason, says, “Any child who’s given the proper support, love, and affection can be successful.”

I agree. Which is why I believe you can make a positive impact in the lives of children growing up without their parents. How? By helping just one. You can’t adopt every orphan, but you can adopt one – or you can offer help to a family who has adopted. You can’t rescue every child from tough circumstances, but you can rescue one.

If you’re ready to explore adoption or foster care, find helpful information at our website Wait No More. We’ll help you discover what you can do to step into the life of a foster child in the name of Christ.

Even if you don’t feel led to adopt a child yourself, there are other ways to engage. Jean and I have done respite care and foster care. Respite means you support other families in their foster care efforts. That could be taking the kids for a weekend, providing meals, doing laundry, or coming alongside a family prayerfully and emotionally. There are a lot of ways to play a part if you’re willing.

There’s a world outside your door in need of help, and you can make a difference … if you’ll do for just one what you wish you could do for everybody.

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