Jill Biden on president's reelection bid: 'I'm all in too'

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Jill Biden is defending President Biden’s reelection bid, saying she’s “all in” with her husband’s 2024 run.

“President Biden wakes up every morning ready to work for you,” the first lady said Monday during a stop in Wilmington, N.C., to launch a campaign initiative aimed at veterans and military families. 

“That’s what this election is all about: you,” she said.

“For all the talk out there about this race, Joe has made it clear that he’s all in,” Biden continued, before the crowd broke into cheers of “Four more years!”

“That’s the decision that he’s made. And just as he has always supported my career, I’m all in too,” Biden, a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, exclaimed.

Jill Biden’s remarks come after the commander in chief’s “disastrous” debate last month against former President Trump in Atlanta, which ignited calls from political opponents and allies alike for him to exit the White House race.

The first lady has faced criticism for her husband’s decision to stay in the race, with detractors claiming she was prioritizing “what is best for herself over her husband’s health and the safety and security of the country at large.”

“The president has plenty of political and policy advisers — that’s never been [Jill Biden’s] role,” Elizabeth Alexander, the first lady’s communications director, told ITK last week. 

In her remarks in Wilmington, Biden repeatedly tried to contrast the president’s record on military issues with that of Trump.

“We know what Donald Trump was like as commander in chief. He dismissed the military community and diminished America’s leadership around the world. And it could be worse this time. He says he wants to be a dictator on day one,” Biden said at the event.

“Donald Trump wakes up every morning thinking about one person and one person only: himself,” she said.

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