James Carville knocks 'sexually inadequate' Taylor Swift conspiracy theorists

Carville Sept. 2023

Longtime political strategist James Carville mocked conservatives who have bought into a conspiracy theory about Taylor Swift suggesting the NFL is rigging games to help President Biden win reelection this fall.

The unfounded theory centers on the idea that the Kansas City Chiefs, the defending NFL champions, received assistance to get into the Super Bowl this season in an effort to bring further attention to the pop megastar — who is dating Travis Kelce, the team’s star tight end — so she can endorse Biden.

Some conservative cable news pundits and online influencers have gone as far to say that Swift, who has one of the largest followings of any music star in the world, could be a “government psy op” being carried out by the Pentagon to influence voting trends.

“I don’t think there’s anything strategic about this,” Carville said of conservatives who have pushed the unfounded claim. “I think most of these people are sexually inadequate, and they go for all this crazy stuff.”

Carville, a longtime Democratic pundit and consultant for former President Clinton, said “it’s just real stupidity to think something like that.”

Some across right-wing media have also attacked Kelce for his promotion of vaccines and sponsorships with brands such as Bud Light. Swift has not endorsed a candidate in the 2024 election.

“What’s there not to like about Ms. Swift? I have no idea,” Carville said. “I didn’t get the memo.”

Carville’s comments were first highlighted by Mediaite.

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