How Bitcoin and Roulette Have Been Brought Together By Thunderpick

The crypto revolution has inspired many new types of entertainment, but how has it moved a classic casino game like roulette into the digital era? Bitcoin roulette is a great example of how we’re adapting to a world with BTC and other digital currencies, so let’s take a look at how it works.

How Do You Play Roulette?

To understand the history of roulette, we need to go back to Europe in the 17th or 18th century, with Blaise Pascal widely credited as inventing the roulette wheel when trying to create a perpetual motion machine, which is still one of the most sought-after concepts in mechanical engineering. The clever design of the wheel was so good that it soon became a hugely popular game, despite undergoing very few changes in the following centuries.

That all changed at the end of the 20th century when the arrival of the internet gave us a completely new way of playing and communicating. Online roulette quickly became a popular way of playing, thanks to the convenience of being available at all times. This was followed by live dealer games, where a human presenter is beamed onto the screen via live streaming and players can interact with them while betting.

Yet, despite these changes, the way we play roulette has altered surprisingly little since the early days. This game is still about betting on a single number – or group of numbers if you prefer – and waiting to see where the wheel stops. Incredible, roulette strategies like the Martingale have been around since the start and are still widely used by players in the 21st century.

How Has the Acceptance of BTC Changed the Online Casino Industry?

On the face of it, being able to use Bitcoin and other tokens to gamble has simply added an extra degree of flexibility to a type of entertainment that was becoming more flexible anyway. However, if we delve a little bit deeper, we can see that it’s actually created some major advantages for players who have adopted a crypto lifestyle.

The first benefit to consider is in terms of the security offered. Regulated online casinos are highly secure, but the idea of using a conventional debit card or e-wallet might not appeal to someone who is used to the high levels of security offered by digital currencies. By sending cash directly to and from your BTC wallet, you can be sure that it’s safe from potential hackers at all times.

The rapid nature of crypto transfers and the low cost are a couple of other important factors. Everyone wants to start playing without hanging about, and the speed issue becomes even more important when you win on the roulette wheel and want to get your winnings into your crypto wallet as soon as possible. If you’re trying to become a crypto millionaire, keeping your fees low is an essential tactic.

Finally, the pseudo-anonymous nature of Bitcoin and other top cryptos remains one of the most appealing aspects for a lot of people. If you want to play on the roulette wheel without linking your bank card or account in some way, you might find that crypto is the perfect way to get around this and start playing with no worries.

Is Bitcoin Roulette Different from the Classic Game?

The classic game of roulette we looked at earlier is still very much the basis for online versions you can play using BTC. However, the move online has allowed game developers to create many different versions with the rules and features varying slightly in each case.

This means that you can choose the exact version to play that suits you. A look at the different ways of playing Thunderpick Bitcoin roulette online reveals titles including American Roulette, European Roulette, and Zoom Roulette. Live dealer games like Roulette Live and Double Ball Roulette add a human dealer. The global nature of this game is shown in the native language versions for German players, while providers such as Pragmatic Play and Evolution ensure a high level of quality.

To get started, you simply need to register as a new player and choose which currency to use. You then send your first deposit and collect the welcome bonus if appropriate. Enter the game that interests you and choose how much to play as a bet and on what number you want to place it. If you win, you can withdraw immediately to the same crypto wallet, although if you’re playing with bonus funds, you’ll need to be aware of any wagering requirements to complete before you withdraw.

The way that online roulette has incorporated Bitcoin without changing the basics of the game is a great example of how cryptocurrencies can be added to many aspects of our lives, providing extra benefits without any negative impact. Expect to see this pattern repeated in other types of entertainment in the future.        

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