Here are the top five commercials from the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl LVIII went down to the wire Sunday, with the Kansas City Chiefs barely knocking off the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. But many of the millions of people watching on television were more tuned into the advertisements than the product on the field.

Here’s five of the best ad spots from the big game:

Boston goes all-out for Dunkin’

The biggest celebrities in Boston — Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg and even Tom Brady — want to feature on Jennifer Lopez’s next album. You heard that right. Add in a diss at Alex Rodriguez and the image of Affleck enthusiastically dancing, and you have an entertaining ad.

State Farm pivots from Jake

State Farm insurance debuted a new personality on Sunday, the State Farm Agent, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the action hero has trouble pronouncing the company’s iconic jingle.

Paramount’s ‘Mountain of Entertainment’

CBS’ parent company pulled out all the stops for its Super Bowl advertisement on its own network. The ad features Patrick Stewart one-upping the Miami Dolphins’ Tua Taguavioloa by throwing the football-headed Arnold up a cliff — all to the soundtrack of Creed.

Almost champions

M&Ms is offering a consolation to disappointed fans with its peanut butter flavored diamonds. Runners up are finally getting something, it seems. 

Talkin Like Walken

Who hasn’t done an embarrassingly poor impression of Christopher Walken? But BMW reminds us that there isn’t any substitute for the real thing.

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