Harris shares advice for newlyweds after stepson's wedding

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Vice President Harris recently shared the advice she gave to her stepson and his new wife after their wedding.

“There were a couple of pieces,” she told People magazine. “One of them was, ‘Pay attention to your marriage. Pay attention to it and be purposeful and intentional about nurturing it.'”

“I gave them a piece of advice, which is that at the end of every day, find some way to check in, no matter how tired you are or how many miles apart you may be, even if it’s just at the end of the day, and say ‘I love you,’” Harris added.

Harris was an officiant at stepson Cole Emhoff’s Oct. 14 wedding to Greenley Littlejohn, according to People. Cole’s father is Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, whom she met on a blind date in 2014. Cole is one of two children Emhoff has from his previous marriage. 

“It was so wonderful that the kids asked me to do it,” Harris told People. “For us, we think of marriage as being not just between these two people, but the coming together of families. So it was very much with that spirit that we all participated.”

Her stepchildren refer to Harris, the first woman vice president, as “Momala.” She even has the moniker in the biography portion of her official account on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

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