French start-up Mono Skincare relaunches its water-soluble and natural products

In 2022, following on from the wave of solid, anhydrous cosmetics, Mono Skincare transposed this approach to the premium skincare category with a new beauty gesture involving solid tablets to be dissolved in drinking water and bottles that can be refilled indefinitely.

Six new formulas

We aim to limit the use of single-use plastic and avoid sending water all around the world. This concept immediately appealed to the world’s biggest distribution players, who asked to test our product. While the performance was satisfactory, their feedback highlighted a lack of texture in the formula. As a result, we have reworked it along these lines, without compromising on efficacy and naturalness”, explains Laurie Mias.

After two years of R&D in collaboration with a laboratory located in Belgium, Mono Skincare finalized the design of six new formulas incorporating a natural texturizing agent based on maize starch and on seaweed sourced in Brittany, for which the brand has also filed a patent.

Mono Skincare succeeded in creating formulas that are stable for up to 24 months, water-soluble, 100% natural, perfectly textured, and scientifically proven to be effective”, says Laurie Mias.

The face care range includes a cleanser and a makeup remover, a scrub, a toner, a night serum, and a moisturizing lotion, all based on a protocol designed to boost hydration and anti-ageing. Prices range from EUR 25 for the makeup remover to EUR 80 for the night serum.

European sourcing and manufacturing

For each tablet, the 100% natural ingredients are sourced in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, and production is entirely carried out in Spa, Belgium.

With the first purchase, the user receives the bottle with the tablet, a concentrate of actives. They simply fill the bottle with drinking water, leave it, and shake before each use. Once the product is finished, they simply order a new tablet.

The bottles are made from glass and the caps from plastic sourced in the ocean and recycled, while the cases are made from recycled FSC paper.

For this new launch, Mono Skincare is focusing on the French market, with the aim of developing its presence in premium pharmacies. The brand is scheduled to be present in about 15 pharmacies by the end of the year, as well as in department stores. It is already available at Printemps, in Paris.

We have been considering communication and influence, but the budget for this launch will mainly serve for developing distribution and animating points of sale”, concludes Laurie Mias.

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