Five packaging innovations spotted at Luxe Pack New York

1. Precision Powder Doser by APC Packaging

The Florida-based packaging supplier has introduced a single-handed precision powder dose dispenser. Fully customizable to any desired dosage, it achieves consistently accurate and reliable dosing with every application. Designed for simplicity, it addresses the current trend for anhydrous products.

2. Eco Low Profile Caps by Plastube

Developed in partnership with Italy’s Giflor Closure Technologies, Plastube’s Eco Low Profile Caps offer the highest levels of design and functionality combined with a reduced use of plastic for a lower environmental impact.

According to the Canadian company, these ultra-slim closures are designed with 50% less plastic than traditional flip top caps. In addition to their unique design, the caps also provide significant benefits such as: mono material capability; educed cap height (approx. 10mm), leading to an overall packaging reduction by 20%; 100% recyclability; and a total package potential for up to 75% PCR.

3. Terrazzo finishing in PIR plastic by Technicaps

The French specialist of Bakelite components has showcased a series of caps with a Terrazzo-style finishing made through the insertion of PIR plastic flakes. The flakes are made from scraps intended for disposal. Since thermosetting polymers have a long lifespan, these creations are ideal for rechargeable products or which can have a second life.

4. Eurovetrocap’s PP dropper

Finalist of the Luxe Pack in Green Awards, in the “Best Product Design” category, Eurovetrocap’s Minerbio Mono 18/415 dropper is entirely made of PP and recyclable at end of life.

Using PP for the bulb rather than nitrile halves its weight, says Eurovetrocap, while a PP pipette is 40% lighter than a glass one. Overall, the dropper is 30% lighter.

5. A lightweight bottle for fragrance refill

Wheaton has presented its new 200ml lightweight refill bottle. This new addition to its Ecoglass line was designed with 20% less glass mass than traditional bottles, resulting in a reduction of around 15% in CO2 emissions.

Developed with Aptar Group, the screw tip allows perfumes to be easily refilled.

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