Eric Trump on father's $400M bond: 'No one's ever seen a bond this size'

Eric Trump fraud trial

Eric Trump lamented the $454 million imposed on his father, former President Donald Trump, to cover a civil fraud verdict.

“No one’s ever seen a bond this size,” he told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo during a Sunday interview.  “Every single person, when I came to them saying ‘hey, can I get a half-billion-dollar bond?’ They were laughing. Top executives of large insurance companies had never seen anything of this size.”

Bartiromo questioned Trump about how the court arrived at the $454 million for his father to pay.

“You know what it was, it was a crooked number. There are no victims; there is no number. The number should be zero,” he said. “My father has run a great company. I run a great company. We’ve never had a default. We’ve never missed a payment.”

Trump continued criticizing the legal proceedings and made several claims about his father’s contributions to New York City.

“I’m a guy who grew up in New York; my father built the skyline of New York… They’re trying to put my father out of business or trying to take all his resources that you’d otherwise put into his own campaign for presidency,” Trump said.

Trump said it was not “physically” possible for his father to post a half-million-dollar bond. 

“It’s going to backfire because he’s going to win this in November, and everybody in this country universally knows exactly what these people are doing,” Trump told Bartiromo.

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