Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank Bring His Aesthetic Vision To New Fifth Avenue Flagship

In the modern aesthetics industry, staying on top of the latest treatments, technologies and – most importantly – providers is crucial for anyone looking to achieve that hard-to-come-by, well-rested glow. It’s no longer about “anti-aging,” but rather embracing our own aging evolution and celebrating it gracefully. That’s where Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank comes in. The cosmetic dermatologist recently expanded his Upper East Side practice, where he’s practicing his 360-degree vision of wellness and beauty via bespoke aesthetic healthcare brand PFrankMd, which loops in functional medicine to create a customized treatment plan for each client. We sat down with Dr. Frank to talk technology, injectables and the future of med-aesthetics.

How would you describe your patient philosophy?

The most important step in working with patients is getting to know them. There is a misconception that people purchase treatments and syringes; what they really need is a provider who has all the tools and experience to customize an approach and treatment plan that suits their individual needs. This can only be accomplished by getting to know the patient: what their goals are, what they’ve had done before, how they responded to those treatments and what they are willing to do in regards to downtime, pain, cost and number of treatments.

I always say: there is no best treatment – only the best treatment for each patient. There is no ‘one and done’ with anything in life – not nutrition, exercise, work or personal relationships. It’s a journey. My job is to use my expertise to formulate a short- and long-term game plan to help patients get the best version of themselves while giving them a safe, comfortable, cutting-edge and prestige experience.

What can we expect from your latest office opening?

Despite engaging in our dramatic expansion right in the middle of Covid-19, the West Village opening brought our brand to the next level in providing patients with an experiential service of the highest quality. PFrankMD Fifth Avenue, our flagship office, just reopened in the summer of 2023 after an extensive expansion, and I expect this location to do the same. We’ve brought in several other dermatologists and providers that each offer their own expertise in aesthetic, dermatologic and functional medicine. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic or general dermatologic treatments or access to the latest in integrative medical techniques to improve overall wellness, PFrankMD is a complete and bespoke aesthetic and wellness center of excellence.”

Technologies seem to abound these days. What are some of your favorites?

One of the most exciting parts of my career is staying ahead of the curve in the exponential growth and advancement in aesthetic technologies. Working as a consultant with various pharmaceutical and device companies allows me to not only acquire cutting-edge technologies early, but to be part of how they will set the standards of use for future patients throughout the world.

We are at the forefront of another boom in cosmetic options for patients well beyond injectables and lasers. The difficult part for consumers is that it can be overwhelming and confusing to decipher what is best for them. Educating and guiding treatment plans with all these technologies at my fingertips is the fun part for me. Right now, we are starting to do things we have never done before such as removing skin scarlessly with micro-coring devices like Ellacor and lifting the architectural structure of faces without surgery with Emface.

In such a crowded marketplace, how have you been able to build one of the more respected brands in aesthetics?

That has always been my goal: to not only perform things well, but to create something different that has never been done before me. When there is no point of comparison or rule to draw ideas from, you know you are accomplishing something special in your field. This is the reference point that I always work from and it remains the most exciting part of leading PFrankMD.

What is the long-term vision for your bespoke aesthetic healthcare brand, PFrankMD?

Simply put – my vision has always been to make people feel special and comfortable in wanting to achieve their goals for self-optimization inside and out. My goal is to do things differently and to make lasting impressions in my field. It involves multiple providers with various subspecialties offering patients an aesthetic healthcare experience for the complete pro-aging lifestyle. Our patient isn’t just looking for cosmetic rejuvenation, they’re also looking for best-in-class dermatologic, functional and integrative medical care to become the best version of themselves.”

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