Biden officials push to ease certain environmental reviews

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The Biden administration has proposed to limit environmental reviews for power line upgrades, solar farms and energy storage — part of an effort to deploy more renewables. 

It is proposing to make upgrades to power lines eligible for simpler environmental reviews and would also allow for larger solar energy projects to qualify.


In a late Wednesday press release, the Energy Department said it is proposing the changes “to promote the development of clean energy and supporting infrastructure.


It also described the move as cutting costs and delays and said in a  Federal Register notice that the move is also expected to reduce planet-warming emissions. 


Elise Caplan, vice president of regulatory affairs with the American Council on Renewable Energy, described the rule as “one of many steps in the right direction.”


“This step alone may not be a huge difference, but it is a very positive step, and it’s part of that pathway to exploring these kind of helpful opportunities that regulatory agencies can take in the absence of any legislation,” said Caplan, whose group represents the renewables industry. 



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