BFIC launches B-Store across India and Pakistan for additional utility for BFI Coin

In an effort to bring further utility to the ecosystem and native token, Blockchain Foundation for Innovation & Collaboration (BFIC) has launched B-Store, a pioneering platform set to enhance the online shopping experience in India and Pakistan. B-Store emerges as a premier destination, offering users a unique and seamless shopping journey tailored specifically to the market, all through the use of BFICoin, the native coin of the BFIC blockchain. 

B-Store is the first in a series of innovative utilities introduced by BFIC. This development underscores BFIC’s growing versatility and commitment to providing its users with real-world applications. By bridging the gap between digital currency and everyday commerce, BFIC is reinforcing its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency space. B-Store brings massive utility to its users across the region, especially with BFIC already having a community of x across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Further cementing its status, BFICoin has achieved significant milestones in terms of accessibility and market presence. The coin has been successfully listed on various prominent exchanges, enhancing its visibility and availability to a broader audience. These exchanges include MEXC, DeepCoin, Lbank, Bitmart, Bitforex, HitBTC, LATOKEN, Digifinex, Coinsbit, Catex, Biconomy, Coinstore, and Vindax. Each of these listings marks a step forward in BFIC Coin’s journey, reflecting the market’s growing confidence in its potential as a payment gateway. Even though BFICoin has already been listed on multiple exchanges through 2023, the coin is set to be listed on more exchanges in the next few months. 

The introduction of B-Store and the expansion across multiple exchanges represent a crucial phase in BFICoin’s evolution. This phase is characterized by a focus on utility and the exploration of new avenues where the coin can provide tangible value to its users. BFICoin’s commitment to innovation and its pursuit of new opportunities indicate a future where it plays a pivotal role in the digital economy, especially in the dynamic markets of India and Pakistan.

As BFIC Coin continues to grow and evolve, it stands as a testament to the potential of cryptocurrency to not only serve as a digital asset but also to offer practical solutions in the global marketplace. With B-Store leading the way, BFICoin is set to introduce more utilities, further integrating the world of digital currency with everyday life and commerce.

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About BFIC

BFIC is a blockchain designed for high-speed, efficient transactions using   BFICoin, the native coin central to the BFIC ecosystem. The blockchain technology integrates Web 3.0, DApps, AI, and IoT, utilizing a hybrid consensus algorithm combining PoS and PBFT. This enables high-speed computations and robust security. BFIC is designed to facilitate inter-blockchain collaboration, offering solutions in NFTs, GameFi, and Metaverse applications. It represents a versatile, developer-friendly platform for the future of decentralized digital transactions.

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