Beauty industry veteran Shannaz Schopfer launches The Beauty Architects

With the global beauty landscape thriving on creativity and innovation, Shannaz Schopfer wants to help brands and manufacturers navigate the path to international success. Today, the industry veteran unveils The Beauty Architects, a comprehensive agency designed to empower both parties and pave the way for shared success.

Schopfer brings over three decades of experience and a proven track record in international business, product development, and strategic marketing to The Beauty Architects.

I’m thrilled to lead the Beauty Architects,” says Shannaz Schopfer. “I identified a gap in the market, where brands and manufacturers lacked synergy. To ensure a win-win situation for both sides, I decided to bridge that divide by helping them reach a global audience, transcend geographical constraints, broaden market reach, and foster opportunities for international collaboration and brand exposure.

Bridging the gap between brands and manufacturers

With a team strategically positioned across North America and Europe, The Beauty Architects claims to possess an unparalleled understanding of the diverse needs in the global beauty market.

The agency aims to offer comprehensive solutions, best-in-class formulations, premier manufacturing, packaging, designs, raw materials, distribution, and sales channels worldwide. The Beauty Architects wants to go beyond simply connecting brands and manufacturers, acting as strategic partners, breaking barriers, fostering collaboration, and reshaping industry narratives defined by efficiency, global influence, and enriched customer relationships.

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