Bears, USC QB Caleb Williams meet ahead of 2024 NFL Draft: Reports

The Chicago Bears hosted USC quarterback Caleb Williams earlier this week as a top-30 visit leading up to the NFL Draft later this month, according to reports. Williams reportedly dined with Bears staff Tuesday and conducted his visit Wednesday.

The visit should come as no surprise given the Bears are primed to select Williams with the No. 1 pick on April 25.

Chicago traded 2021 first-round pick and starter Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this offseason. Fields joined veteran Russell Wilson in Pittsburgh for an interesting quarterback competition, while the Bears showed their hand that they’ll take a quarterback with the top spot, likely Williams.

LSU’s Jayden Daniels and North Carolina’s Drake Maye could be in consideration as well. But Williams, 22, has been tabbed as the top pick by numerous draft analysts, including at The Athletic.

The Bears received the Carolina Panthers’ 2024 first-round pick in a trade last offseason in which the Panthers took quarterback Bryce Young at No. 1. Carolina finished with the worst record in the NFL last season giving Chicago the top spot in this year’s draft.

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