Acura Capital Teams Up with $100M Valued Patex to Revolutionize Digital Banking to Revolutionize RWA

Acura Capital, a leading investment firm based in Brazil with a commanding portfolio of $1.8 billion in managed assets and $3 billion in holdings, is on the brink of launching an innovative financial product. This product is the result of a strategic partnership with Patex, the biggest blockchain ecosystem in Latin America. The collaboration aims to debut a digital banking service specifically crafted for the evolving digital era. The service aims to transform the financial sector by prioritizing inclusivity, security, and efficiency.

Addressing Needs in the Latin American Banking Industry

The digital banking service is crafted to fulfill the specific needs of the Latin American market by blending the trustworthiness of conventional banking with the groundbreaking aspects of contemporary cryptocurrency technologies. This joint effort tackles the region’s unique financial challenges, combining Acura Capital’s substantial financial knowledge with Patex’s advanced blockchain expertise.

The service is expected to attract a wide audience, targeting over 670 million people throughout Latin America. It promises a range of services that incorporate the finest aspects of digital and crypto banking solutions. These services include:

  • Digital wallet. Known for its sophisticated encryption methods, this tool promises secure storage and handling of user assets. Its user-friendly interface allows for swift financial transactions, accommodates diverse currencies, and streamlines users’ financial dealings all in one place.
  • Exchange platform. Central to this digital banking ecosystem is an exchange platform that facilitates easy currency conversion, including fiat and crypto. It offers competitive exchange rates, low transaction costs, and real-time market data, fostering efficient trading and financial planning to leverage market trends.
  • Instant money transfer. This function introduces unparalleled convenience to financial transactions, enabling users to instantly send and receive money at any time 24/7. It effectively eliminates the usual delays associated with bank transfers, establishing a new benchmark for banking speed.
  • RWA tokenization. Patex, a banking institution, is revolutionizing the $6 trillion economy in Latin America by facilitating the transformation of tangible assets into securities. These securities become tradable on traditional stock exchanges and serve as the foundation for the creation of tokenized assets. The tokenized assets will be issued through security token offerings and will be traded on a secondary market with robust KYC/AML protocols in place to ensure safety and compliance. The development of this unique feature is being guided by expert advisors from Brazil’s Ministry of Finance and Central Bank.
  • Floating. In response to the ever-changing conditions of the market, floating services dynamically adjust interest and loan rates to guarantee that customers benefit from the most advantageous conditions. This forward-thinking strategy improves financial clarity and ensures the interests of consumers are prioritized by maximizing savings yields and lowering the cost of loans.
  • E-commerce integration for merchants. This functionality is designed to make it easier for sellers to connect with online marketplaces, facilitating swift transactions. It includes an array of tools for monitoring sales, managing income, and providing instant financial insights, which helps refine the online sales process.
  • Patex tokens for payments. Pix, the instant payment system by the Central Bank of Brazil, has gained popularity for its convenience and efficiency. It now uses Patex tokens, secured within blockchain wallets, to facilitate transactions. These tokens represent digital assets, allowing for seamless fund transfers without middlemen.
  • Cryptocurrency cards. The platform enhances its offerings by including crypto cards in addition to traditional bank cards, thus providing a full suite of transaction tools. These cards replicate the utility of traditional cards, enabling a wide array of transactions such as retail purchases and digital subscriptions. They are also compatible with well-known digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, adding an extra layer of convenience for users.
  • Financial and investment planning. The digital banking service expands to offer individualized financial planning and investment strategies customized according to each client’s specific purposes and risk profiles. It uses advanced analytics and insights into market trends to accelerate asset growth and deliver informed guidance for sustained financial health.
  • Custom personal loans. Highlighting adaptability and clients’ specific needs, the bank presents personal loans with competitive rates, flexible payment schedules, and an uncomplicated application process. This approach emphasizes speed, focusing on quick approvals and reducing the paperwork involved.

Focus on Innovation and Security

Fernando Luiz de Senna Figueiredo, the Managing Director of Acura Capital, highlighted the productive collaboration with Patex, stressing their joint technological insight and market knowledge. Their goal is to develop a digital banking platform that surpasses existing tech boundaries:

“By combining our respective strengths, we’re creating a digital banking platform that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with technology. Our teams also deeply understand how to cater to the needs of Latin American users,” Fernando said. 

“We’re confident that our digital bank will deliver a secure, intuitive, and comprehensive banking experience that bridges the gap between traditional financial services and the digital economy in such a promising region like Latin America.”

About Acura Capital

Acura Capital is recognized for its dedication to innovation and excellent performance. The firm excels in offering leading investment services, portfolio analysis, and risk management and is committed to delivering premier financial solutions to its customers.

About Patex

Patex is a key player in the blockchain arena of Latin America, aiming to address the financial challenges of the region through innovative technology. It provides a wide range of services designed to improve financial access, transparency, and integration, crucial in stimulating economic advancement in the global financial landscape.

This alliance marks a unity of vision and expertise, aiming to transform digital banking in Latin America. It intends to merge the reliability of traditional financial services with the potential of blockchain technology, setting a new standard for the financial sector.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  

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