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Absolute Zero

People who aren’t religious typically share a common belief: They only trust in tangible things that can be physically detected. That sounds reasonable until you realize how much of reality exists outside our ability to perceive it.

Let me give you an example. Scientists talk about a thing called Absolute Zero. That’s the temperature at which all heat in a system is completely gone – so cold that even atoms become fully motionless. Absolute Zero is a whopping 460 degrees below zero.

Now, imagine this: you’re in the middle of Antarctica. There’s snow and ice as far as you can see. And, boy, is it cold! In fact, Antarctica is where the coldest temperature on earth was recorded: 128 degrees below zero. Here’s the thing: even as you shiver uncontrollably, feeling like the temperature is impossibly cold, there’s still almost 350 degrees worth of heat between you and Absolute Zero – and you don’t even realize it.

The point is, a lot of things exist beyond our ability to perceive them. How do you quantify honor, trust, and loyalty? Or love, happiness, and faith? They’re intangible, yet they manifest themselves in ways that are profound and undeniable.

For a life filled with beauty, meaning, and purpose, we must explore our spiritual side. What we discover there can’t be seen or touched. But it’s very real.

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