5 Things to Know About the Wells Fargo Attune Card

Wells Fargo launched the Attune World Elite Mastercard in June 2024 to encourage the health and wellness of the self, one’s pets and the planet. For no annual fee, the Attune card earns an excellent (and uncapped) 4% back on gym memberships, pet supplies and public transportation, among many other categories.

But Wells Fargo has a broad definition of wellness, so the Attune card could be valuable to customers beyond fitness buffs and eco-enthusiasts. Disneyland and Disney World tickets count as leisure and thus earn 4% back, making the Attune card one of the best cards for Disney lovers — even better than Disney’s own co-branded credit cards. And since binge-watching your favorite reality TV show can be a form of self-care, many streaming services earn 4%, too. Other credit cards with higher rewards rates on streaming tend to charge an annual fee.

Granted, the Attune’s rewards categories don’t represent everyday spending for many people; the card doesn’t earn elevated rewards on groceries or dining, for example. But it can serve as an ideal pairing with an everyday card that mostly earns rewards on needs, instead of wants.

Before applying for the Attune, it’s worth reviewing the card’s website, which lists qualifying purchases and merchant examples in painstaking detail. The sports, recreation and entertainment category is especially interesting. (“Dolphinariums,” anyone?) Still, if the Attune card’s 4% rewards categories align with your discretionary spending, it may be a lucrative fit for your wallet.

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Wells Fargo is among the largest issuers to have rolled out a credit card focused on wellness and/or the environment, but it’s certainly not the first. Various niche products in recent years — from the Paceline Card and the Ness Card to the Aspiration Zero card and others — have targeted these spaces, but with little traction. (All three of those cards, for instance, were discontinued in 2023.)

1. Reward categories are broad and unique

Purchases in the following categories earn an unlimited 4% back in cash rewards:

  • Self-care. Beauty shops and barbershops; gym memberships and fitness studios; health and beauty spas; and more.

  • Good for the planet. EV charging stations; public transportation; and secondhand and vintage stores.

  • Select sports, recreation and entertainment. Gardening and floral stores; campgrounds; sports supplies; movie theaters; live shows and sporting events; amusement parks; tourist attractions; pet supplies, boarding and grooming; and streaming.

Anything outside of those three categories earns an unlimited 1% back. (Note, for example, that vet bills aren’t listed in the “pet supplies” category, and that while EV stations qualify for 4%, gas stations are absent.)

With the Attune card or any other rewards card, merchant category codes (MCCs) are key to how much you’ll earn per purchase. MCCs are four-digit codes that classify businesses according to their goods or services.

For instance, the Attune card earns 4% bonus cash rewards at secondhand stores, which are classified under the MCC 5931. As long as the card’s payment network — in this case, Mastercard — has categorized your favorite thrift store under that MCC, you should be rewarded for shopping there with that desirable 4% rate.

Rewards may be redeemed for cash, charitable donations, merchandise, gift cards and travel, or used to pay off purchases through the Pay with Rewards program.

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According to the Attune’s terms and conditions, you may not qualify for the card if you opened a Wells Fargo card in the last six months.

2. Points are transferable to other Wells Fargo cards

Technically, the Attune card earns Wells Fargo Rewards, which as noted above can be redeemed for cash back. But they also may be transferred to other Wells Fargo Rewards-earning cards, such as the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card. That means you can combine rewards from multiple cards into one pot.

3. There’s no financial penalty for late payments

The Attune card is rare among its peers in that it doesn’t charge late fees.

4. Sign-up bonus is part reward, part donation

The Attune card comes with a sign-up bonus, albeit a smaller one compared with other Wells Fargo credit cards. New Attune cardholders can earn $100 after spending $500 in purchases within the first three months of account opening. Plus, on behalf of cardholders who apply before May 31, 2025, and qualify for the bonus, Wells Fargo will donate $50 to Capital Link, a nonprofit that supports health centers.

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Like some other Wells Fargo credit cards, the Attune card offers cell phone insurance of up to two $600 claims per 12-month period. A $25 deductible is required, and cardholders must pay their cell phone bill with the Attune card to qualify.

5. It has a 0% intro APR offer

Attune cardholders won’t pay interest on purchases made for 12 months from account opening. This 0% offer doesn’t apply to balance transfers, though.

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